Applying for a job at BroadPath

What is the best way to apply for a job at BroadPath?

The best way to apply for a job is to visit the jobs page on Review the details of each position. Once you find a position that best suits your qualifications, click the “Apply Now” button. This will lead you to the BroadPath Portal where you can create an account and apply for the position that interests you.

Tip: Please store your username and password for future access. If you are selected for a position, you will need this information to complete the hiring process.

Does BroadPath recruit using Google Hangout or other chat tools?

No, we do not recruit using Google Hangout or any chat tool, such as Yahoo Instant Messenger.  Employment offers and solicitations for candidates to pay fees are not made by BroadPath and are fraudulent. 

If someone impersonating BroadPath has contacted you via Google Hangout, we encourage you to report it to Google. To file a formal scam report with Google, click here 

To learn more about Internet scams and how to avoid them, please click this link .

What is the BroadPath Portal?

Once you have created an account, the BroadPath Portal stores your necessary information to make the application process easier. By accessing the BroadPath Portal you can apply for jobs, update your personal contact information, and complete onboarding paperwork when offered a position.

Tip: You can always update your resume in the BroadPath Portal. Make sure that when you update your resume or any other document supplement, it is in a “Word” or “PDF” format.

Is previous healthcare experience required?

Typically, our available associate positions require previous experience in the healthcare sector – specifically, health plan experience. However, there are some opportunities available which require minimal to no previous experience in the healthcare sector.

Additionally, BroadPath has a wide-range of corporate positions that require specialized experience in their respective departments. Please be sure to read through our "basic qualifications" on our job board to ensure you meet the skillset requirements.

How does the interview process work at BroadPath?

The recruiting team will review your application and/or resume to determine if you are an appropriate project match. If so, you will receive an email from your recruiter to schedule an interview. If selected to move forward, you will be asked to complete our pre-employment package (including an online assessment, application, and internet speed test). Typically, a final interview will be required with a project supervisor. Throughout the process, your recruiter will be available to guide you through the necessary steps.

If I am not selected for a project, how will I be notified?

Candidates that are not selected will typically be notified via email.

Tip: For BroadPath’s associate positions, our recruiters strongly recommend that you review the job description and qualifications prior to applying. Our projects, typically require specialized and relevant skillsets.

If I have already applied for a job, and wasn’t originally selected, can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply again. However, please note that your resume is already on the BroadPath Portal. If there have been any changes to your resume, we recommend that you update it.

About our Associate jobs

Is this contract work?

At BroadPath, a lot of our clients (health plans) want us to develop teams of customer service, telesales and claims agents. We provide overflow capacity services and typically these services are on a project basis. However, all our employees are W-2.

What is the pay range for your associate positions?

Rate of pay varies by project type and is ultimately determined by candidate work experience and discussed during the final interview.

How long do BroadPath projects typically last?

BroadPath projects can last anywhere from 6 weeks to multi-year. The average BroadPath project lasts about 6-9 months. Training for these projects is typically 2 weeks and is paid.

Tip: You might hear our recruiters refer to these opportunities as short-term, long-term, or ongoing “steady-state.” Steady state is typically a multi-year contract.

If my project ends, am I immediately assigned to another project?

No. However, our recruiting team constantly reviews client availability and team member performance to try to assign team members to new projects. It is in all of our best-interests to keep good employees working! Win-Win!

Are full-time positions available?

Most of our projects are full-time hours and although projects typically have “end-dates” it is in our best interest to look after you and move you to a new project – thereby keeping you employed full-time, long-term.

Depending on the project you are assigned to, full-time hours might be available. Full-time positions can be offered based on team member performance and client availability.

Do you have part-time opportunities?

BroadPath does have part-time opportunities. This is dependent on client needs but almost always requires full-time training during business hours.

At times, BroadPath also has part-time flex The hours for these positions are determined by call volume and can vary from week to week. The hours for these positions typically range from 20-40 hours a week and could be a great option (when available) for those wanting more work flexibility.

Tip: Part-time flex positions are typically call center positions. You can expect your paid training to be full-time hours.

Does BroadPath offer a benefit package to Associate employees?

Medical coverage is offered when after the initial measurement period (12 months) the determination is made that the Associate meets the criteria to be considered a full time equivalent employee under the Affordable Care Act.

PTO: Eligible for 5-days (paid-out) after 2080 hours worked

401K with discretionary company match: Eligible after one year of service with at least 1000 hours worked in that year (must be 21 years of age).

Recruiting Scam Awareness

Does BroadPath charge for equipment?

BroadPath does NOT charge for equipment and we never seek fees from job applicants under any circumstances. If you are asked for any type of money, this is NOT on behalf of our company. 

Do not send any money or provide any personal information. Report the matter to your local law enforcement.

Does BroadPath supplement costs incurred for Internet service?

BroadPath does not cover any costs incurred for Internet service or upgrades – however, we suggest you refer to information provided by the IRS on deductions that may help you offset costs of operating your home office:

Does BroadPath supply the needed computer equipment?

Yes, BroadPath ships you all the needed computer equipment to use during your project.